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How to get a car insurance quote online

How to get a car insurance quote Online

How to get a car insurance quote online

Whatever the reason, when you get an online coverage quote from Nationwide, you can customize and purchase auto insurance coverage instantly, or even print your proof of coverage card. Here's how it works:

1. Gather the stats you need about your cars and drivers

To expedite the purchase of immediate auto coverage online, have these fundamental statistics ready for each driving force behind your coverage:

Social security number (optional)

Driver's license number

Driving distance to work

Conduct, injuries or claims in the last 5 years (approximate dates and details)

Make, version and 12 months of your automobile(s)

If you own a classic car, you can also use the statistics above to get traditional car coverage. Find out if you qualify today.

2. Get a coverage quote online

Nationwide's auto coverage quote tool is your quickest direction to a short auto coverage quote. Enter your postcode and click Get a Quote. Then answer a few questions about yourself, the vehicle you need to insure, and the people who use the vehicle.

You can also get fast auto coverage charges by calling 1-877-669-6877. And if you choose to work with an agent nearby, use our agent locator to locate an agent near you.

3. How to assess car coverage

Once you have your auto coverage quote, you may need to stick around to see who has the nice alternatives to have for the type of insurance or coverage you want. When comparing you will need to keep in mind:

Coverage offered

Discounts to have

Deductibles and legal limits of liability

Additional Customizable Features

4. Find Nationwide Auto Coverage Discounts

As you get your immediate auto insurance quote, Nationwide will help you identify auto insurance discounts that would suit your coverage and save money by massively lowering your maximum rate.

Multi-Coverage Discounts: Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for discount fees as long as you have a few nationwide coverage rules.

Safe Driving Force Reduction: You will also be able to reduce the price of your car coverage by warding off dashing tickets, using recklessly or having a coincidentally unfixed record.

Anti-theft discount: If your automobile is equipped with an anti-theft device or a passenger restraint system, you can store even more.

Nationwide SmartRide: You can also get a discount through the SmartRide app, a completely usage-based app that offers riders feedback to help inspire safe riding.1

5. Understand your insurance alternatives

With Nationwide, you have some of the auto insurance alternatives to choose from that may suit your needs. Common insurance alternatives include:



Gap insurance

Uninsured motorist

Legal liability for bodily injury

Roadside Assistance

Learn more about Nationwide's car insurance options.

6. Motor vehicle liability insurance

Liability coverage is taken into account the maximum and minimum basic car coverage you could buy - and it is required in maximum states. Essentially, in case you need to go to the back of the wheel, you want to have it.

If you are considering requesting a quote for statutory liability auto coverage, make sure you know what the quoted rules do and no longer cover. The maximum basic cover can also keep you legal, but does not cover the insurance you need in case you are in a critical situation or if your vehicle is damaged in other ways. For only slightly better price, you could avoid huge costs down the road.

7. Customize your coverage with additional alternatives:

Our most popular and least expensive upgrades include:

Roadside Assistance: Who assists you in case you need a tow, jump start, or tire change

Vanishing Deductible®: Helps you reduce your deductible by $100 for every 12 months of secure use2

Accident forgiveness: this means that we will not increase the cost of covering your car after

s your first responsible coincidence

8. Select the auto cover coverage that's right for you

When you get your immediate auto insurance quote from Nationwide, you'll have plenty of alternatives to choose from, making it easy to choose coverage that suits you and your budget. You can also edit the covers to create an additional custom cover.

9. Choose a pricing approach and purchase your coverage instantly

Once you have chosen a cover, definitely choose a price choice to complete the transaction. After that, you can download your proof of coverage card and print it.